Tips For Those Heading To Hana

At Love Maui Weddings, we help hundreds of couples plan their Maui weddings each year. Most of our couples also spend their honeymoon in Maui and often ask our staff for recommendations for excursions. The Road to Hana is a fantastic adventure and a great way for a newly married couple to spend the day while in Maui.

The Road to Hana, in the grand scheme of things, is not very long, but it’s windy and full of one-lane bridges, so you will be driving slowly. In addition, there are so many places to stop and enjoy along the way that this journey easily can take up to ten hours. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the drive to Hana.

Be prepared to start your day early. It takes time to drive from your hotel or resort to Paia, which is the starting point of the drive to Hana. Once you reach Paia, it is a good idea to fill up on gas, as this will be the last place to do so until you reach the town of Hana.

You will need to pack for the trip. Bring along some towels and a bathing suit, as there are waterfalls and a few beaches where you can enjoy the water. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, it is wise to bring towels and dress casually. It usually rains off and on during the day, so a poncho or umbrella would be wise additions. Ziploc bags can be used to keep phones, cameras and wallets dry.

Bring bottled water, as there probably won’t be any available from Paia to Hana. You also need to bring along food as there are very few food options along the way. There might be a fruit stand or two along the way, where you might pick up a smoothie or delicious homemade banana bread, but it is wise to bring a good lunch along.

You can drive yourself or take a tour bus, but if you do drive, it is a good idea to pick up a CD tour of the trip. This will help you find the best stops along the way as well as providing you with some interesting history and information about the area.

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