Great Gifts For Your Wedding Party

There are many details to handle when you plan a Maui destination wedding, While the staff at Love Maui Weddings can help you with the majority of the details, there is one area that you should handle personally - providing gifts for your attendants.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen typically are expected to help you with a few wedding tasks and must also purchase or rent clothing for the occasion. Providing a gift is a great way to say thank you, especially if you are planning a Maui destination wedding. After all, your attendants also have the added expense of plane tickets and accommodations.

First of all, it is a great idea to have a bag of goodies awaiting them in their hotel rooms. Fill a small beach tote with sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, some information about local attractions and transportation and an itinerary listing all wedding-related events. This information will help keep people on schedule but also give them ideas for spending their free time when the wedding couple is busy with other tasks.

In addition to goodie bags, each person should receive a special gift. However, it isn't very easy to transport gifts when you are traveling by plane so it's best to keep it small and simple. For bridesmaids, a piece of jewelry can be easy to transport and also very personal and thoughtful. A pretty set of earrings featuring your wedding colors or perhaps a special necklace might be a perfect gift. Your bridesmaids also might enjoy a day of pampering at a local spa or perhaps at the spa at your resort.

For the guys, consider handy items such as personalized money clips or an engraved flask. You can transport the latter without alcohol and fill it up after your arrival in Maui. Leather toiletry bags are another option to consider. For the best man, a nice watch can be a great gift to consider.

However, your gift also could be the gift of an excursion or experience. This might include treating the whole wedding party to a traditional luau or perhaps taking them on a whale watching trip. You could also go snorkeling or even plan a hike with the wedding party, such as catching the sunrise at the top of Haleakala.

For a simple treat, you might just present your attendants with gift cards that they can use at your hotel. They can purchase food or drinks or whatever else they need and this lessens their expenses for the trip. Of course, don't feel too guilty about planning a Maui destination wedding. While it can be a pricey proposition for your guests, they are sure to enjoy this adventure and a destination wedding feels a lot more like a vacation than a stressful wedding event.