Tips For Destination Wedding Guests

When it comes to Maui destination wedding articles, the focus typically is on the couple tying the knot. However, if you are to be a guest at a destination wedding, you might have a few questions and concerns about this big event. Here are some tips just for the guests that might prove helpful.

Hopefully, the wedding couple will provide you with plenty of advanced notice regarding the date of their wedding. In general, the couple should be planning this even a good six to nine months in advance, and once you know the date, start hunting around for airfare and hotel accommodations. Sometimes, the wedding couple will have secured a block of rooms at a hotel or resort with a special rate, and this might be a good option.

Before you book the hotel room or set up a flight to Maui, ask the couple about the events surrounding the wedding. Sometimes there is a special rehearsal dinner or an after-wedding brunch. Sometimes the couple is treating their guests to some interesting excursions, and you don't want to miss the fun. You need to know the date of the actual wedding as well as the dates of other important events.

If you have kids, it is also important that you ask about taking your children to the wedding. Many couples prefer a child-free ceremony and reception, so if you do not have someone to watch your children during the trip, this can be tricky. However, many resorts and large hotels in Maui have excellent children's programs that will keep your kids busy, happy and safe while you enjoy the wedding.

What to wear is always an important question, so be sure to ask about attire. Often at a Maui wedding, the attire will be upscale island casual, which translates to Hawaiian-style shirts for the men and pretty sundresses for the ladies. Sometimes the wedding invitation will address this issue, but if it doesn't, simply ask the bride or groom for advice.

When it comes to gifts, the couple might ask that no gifts be given since there is a large expense already associated with the cost of flying out to Maui and booking a hotel room. Still if you do wish to get a gift, consider looking at their gift registry and having the gift sent directly to the couple's home as you probably don't want to haul a crystal clock or a china place setting all the way to Maui.

If you are planning a Maui destination wedding, the staff at Love Maui Weddings is happy to answer any questions you might have about travel and accommodations for you and your guests. Our Maui wedding planners also are a great source of knowledge about the best places to enjoy a sumptuous meal, sip a cocktail at sunset or perhaps sunbathe at a local beach.