Say Yes To A Maui Wedding & Maui Beach Wedding Packages

Mark Twain once said, “I went to Maui to stay a week and remained five. I have not once thought of business, or care or human toil or trouble or sorrow or weariness.” This sums up many travelers’ impressions of Maui, as well.

We believe this is actually one of the reasons why a Maui wedding is the perfect option for many couples. Traveling away from home allows you to truly bask in the moment. The bride, groom and guests all are removed from the day-to-day grind back home and everyone can truly relax and enjoy the experience.

At Love Maui Weddings, we also firmly believe that it is simply easier to plan a Maui wedding than a wedding at home. Your Maui wedding planner will handle just about all the details, reducing your stress level immensely. A wedding is meant to be a happy, romantic occasion and it is our goal that each of our wedding couples has a fantastic, memorable experience. Our Maui wedding planners can help you create a custom wedding or you can choose one of our Maui beach wedding packages.

All of our Maui beach wedding packages include basic services such as acquiring the services of a minister, assistance with your marriage license and obtaining a beach permit for the ceremony. We also tuck in a few romantic extras such as a keepsake wedding certificate and a beautifully printed copy of your vows.

These are just a few items included in our Maui beach wedding packages. Depending on which package you select, there is a myriad of romantic options. For instance, one of our Maui beach wedding packages includes not just the makings of a spectacular Maui wedding but also a sunset dinner cruise, Molokini snorkel adventure and a Haleakala zipline tour.

Yet another Maui beach wedding package includes a Hawaiian guitarist and vocalist as well as a conch shell sounding, a drummer or Hula dancer and even a torch bearing maiden for a ceremony that is truly Hawaiian. Still another Maui wedding package includes a helicopter tour prior to your ceremony, a Lanai beach ceremony and a speedboat ride back to Maui.

Of course, you can certainly have us create a special custom Maui wedding that fulfills all of your dreams. Whether you long for a Maui beach wedding or a romantic wedding at a historic Lahaina chapel or perhaps a ceremony at a luxurious Maui estate, we can make your dreams come true.