3 Helpful Tips From A Maui Wedding Coordinator

Ah weddings! Such bliss, such romance, such fun! Well, that's the way it should be, but too often wedding planning is more stressful than exciting. As Maui wedding coordinators, we plan a lot of Maui weddings throughout the year, and we have learned a few important things along the way.

1.) Maui Wedding Coordinators Make It Easy

Planning a wedding is always easier if you have someone handling most of the details for you. This is especially true if you are planning a destination wedding. Even if you grew up in Maui or have spent a dozen or more vacations on the island, it's just not easy to plan a wedding by yourself from afar. Hiring wedding coordinators in Maui is truly the best way to go. We handle virtually all of the details and all you have to do is buy plane tickets and wedding clothes.

As Maui wedding coordinators, we handle details such as helping with the marriage license and finding a minister or officiate. We also secure beach permits for your ceremony or reserve any other location where you wish to be married. We can hire florists, musicians, photographers, plan out the reception, make reservations for excursions and much more.

2.) Stay Organized Along The Way

While your Maui wedding coordinators will do most of the heavy lifting, there's still plenty for couples to think about. Make a big master list with all of the items that need to be completed prior to the wedding. It can help to organize your list in terms of dates. For instance, if you are getting married in June and you became in engaged in February, have a to-do list for March, April, May and June. Keep all of your to-do lists and other paperwork in a special wedding notebook.

A few of the items you will need to tackle include inviting guests, and this should be done as soon as you decide to have a destination wedding. As wedding coordinators in Maui, we know how important it is to give guests time to plan for this event. They need to book time off from work, buy plane tickets, find child care or pet care and a host of other tasks. So please give your guests plenty of time to plan.

In addition, you will need to purchase your plane tickets and reserve hotel accommodations. Your Maui wedding coordinator can recommend a variety of suitable spots for you and your guests. In some cases, you can even get a small discount for reserving a block of rooms. Be sure to write down all of your reservation numbers and keep the information in your wedding notebook.

3.) Focus On The Joy Of The Occasion

Getting married is about making a lifelong commitment. It should be a special day where you and your significant other share your vows and celebrate your love for one another. Too often, couples focus on the tiny details or planning an impressive reception or trying to please all of their guests. It's just too much. Focus on each other and what is truly important and, as they say, don't sweat the small stuff.

As wedding coordinators in Maui, we have found that planning a destination wedding actually can be much less stressful than a wedding at home. After all, you enlist the services of Maui wedding coordinators and, because it's a destination wedding, the guest list is usually pretty small. Small guest lists can be a huge blessing, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of stress.