Selecting A Maui Wedding & Honeymoon Package

With a typical wedding at home, the wedding couple must plan both the wedding and arrange the honeymoon. If you opt for a destination wedding, the ceremony and the honeymoon can all take place at your special destination, which can make planning a breeze. To make it even easier, consider selecting a Maui wedding and honeymoon package that includes all of the details.

Our Maui wedding and honeymoon packages come in all shapes and sizes to fit a variety of budgets and inclinations. Some of our guests prefer the idea of a romantic elopement, while others wish to plan a full wedding with many guests and a large reception. Fortunately, Maui is a destination that can accommodate any type of wedding. There are many fantastic locations for the ceremony as well as for stunning Hawaiian receptions.

For a very small wedding or an elopement, you might want to select a Maui wedding and honeymoon package that includes an intimate ceremony right on the beach. We have several packages that include a beach ceremony. These packages might include traditional Hawaiian dancers, musicians or singers or perhaps a special extra such as having the bride arrive aboard an outrigger canoe.

All beaches in Maui are public, so while you can choose to be married at virtually any beach, there are some restrictions that make a beach site a less desirable location for larger weddings. For instance, you are not allowed to set up chairs, a tent, an arch, a chuppah or any other items on the beach. The amount of people at the ceremony is restricted to 20 people or fewer. This count includes the couple and their guests as well as the minister, the wedding coordinator, photographer, etc.

If you had your heart set on a romantic wedding with stunning Maui vistas as your backdrop but you have a larger guest list, please don't despair. There are many amazing locations with spectacular views that you can book for Maui wedding and honeymoon packages. For instance, there are many resorts with amazing views that are ideal wedding and reception venues. There are private plantations and private estates to consider, as well. Many local restaurants have special scenic areas that are set up for wedding ceremonies, as well. We can find a perfect, beautiful, romantic location to suit any size wedding party.

On our home page, take a look at the many options under the Locations tab. You will see everything from luxurious resorts to historic chapels to an idyllic botanical garden. A couple can even be married atop Haleakala if they wish for a spectacular sunrise or sunset wedding. Another option might include planning a ceremony and reception aboard a private yacht.

Before booking a Maui wedding and honeymoon package, it is best to first consider your budget and your guest list. Set a firm budget that includes the cost of your ceremony, your plane tickets and your honeymoon expenses. Then decide how many guests you wish to invite.

Keep in mind that destination wedding guests need to be able to afford the expense of plane fare and accommodations, and they also need plenty of time to plan for this special destination wedding. While it is expensive for guests, it's also a chance for your friends and family to enjoy a fantastic Maui getaway. Most guests consider a Maui destination wedding to be a vacation as well as a trip to watch two dear friends or family members tie the knot.

Take a look at our selection of Maui wedding and honeymoon packages and if you don't see exactly what you need, let us create a custom package just for you. We can create any type of custom wedding package as well as booking excursions or activities for your guests or for you to enjoy during your honeymoon.