Some Beach Tips For Those Booking A Maui Beach Wedding Package

At Love Maui Weddings, our goal is to provide couples with an easy way to plan a Maui destination wedding. We have created a variety of Maui beach wedding packages suitable for just about any budget. Beyond the wedding day though, we find that our clients often have quite a few questions about Maui beaches in general.

There are dozens of stunning beaches in Maui, and for our Maui beach wedding packages, we recommend several of them. Kapalua Bay, Ironwoods, DT Flemming, Napili Bay, Keawakapu, Makena Cove and Po’Olenalena are all fantastic beaches for your Maui wedding. We have pictures and information about each of these beaches under the Locations tab on our home page.

All of the beaches in Maui are public, there are no private beaches. So even if the beach is adjacent to a swanky resort, the beach is still open for public use. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every beach is ideal for every person. For instance, if you were hoping to select a Maui beach wedding package and enjoy a sunset wedding, you might select a beach such as Ironwoods, Kapalua Bay or Makena Cove, just to name a few.

Your guests also might influence your choice of beach as well as the Maui beach wedding package you select. If you have quite a few guests, you will want to select a beach that has adequate parking with easy access to the ceremony site and with bathrooms. Palauea Beach, Polo Beach, Mokapu Beach and Kapalua Bay are a few of the options to consider, but the team at Love Maui Weddings can help you select the ideal beach for your needs and inclinations.

One of the services we provide in all of our Maui beach wedding packages is securing the beach location and obtaining a beach permit. If you wish to be married on the beach, the number of people will be limited to 20 people. This includes the marital couple, the minister, your guests and any others, such as a photographer, musicians or wedding coordinator. Also, chairs and other furnishings cannot be placed on the beaches.

Generally, because destination weddings tend to have a small guest list, these restrictions are not a problem. Keep in mind, that while you might not be able to outfit the wedding site with chairs or an arch or other accoutrements, you will have plenty of spectacular scenery to provide the backdrop for your ceremony.

If you do intend to have a larger wedding party, there are other options to consider aside from a Maui beach wedding package. For instance, there are private estates and plantations with stunning ocean views. Bluff-top or oceanfront restaurants also often feature emerald lawns ideal for a wedding, and you will be just a few yards from the ocean.

To take a look at our Maui beach weddings packages, go to the home page and select the Packages link. This section includes information about our many wedding packages as well as our romantic vow renewal packages. If you don’t see exactly what you like, we can customize one of our packages or even start from scratch and create a custom wedding package just for you.