Married In Maui: Wedding And Reception Packages

When you start looking at Maui wedding and reception packages, you’ll notice that you have quite a few options to consider. At Love Maui Weddings, we offer an assortment of packages and can create custom packages or add on to existing packages if you don’t find exactly what you need. Here are just a few of your options if you wish to plan both a wedding ceremony and a reception.

Beach Wedding Options

Getting married on the beach is always a romantic option, but for Maui wedding and reception packages, you will need to hold the reception at some location other than where the ceremony takes place. People are not allowed to set up chairs and equipment directly on the beach, so after the ceremony you and your guests can be whisked away to a nearby location for a wonderful reception.

There are many fantastic restaurants that host receptions and many offer stunning ocean views or are located right on the beach. Duke’s, for instance, is just steps from the sand and offers plenty of historic ambiance as well as stunning Maui sunsets. Sea House is another option, located at peaceful Napili Bay. We have several different choices to consider as you look at Maui wedding and reception packages.

Church Wedding Options

There are many historic chapels in the lovely town of Lahaina, and we plan many weddings at these churches. For instance, the Lahuiokalani Ka’anapali Congregational Church is a historic structure built in 1929 and located across from Honokowai Beach Park. Another option is Maria Lanakila Catholic Church which dates back to 1858, or perhaps Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, which offers both indoor and outdoor ceremonies.

If you are choosing Maui wedding and reception packages and wish to have a church wedding, you will need to find a different location for the reception. Again, you can choose from a vast selection of restaurants depending on the size of your party and your budget.

All-Inclusive Options

There are many places where one can marry and host the reception in the same place which can be very convenient. So if this is the option you seek, there are many Maui wedding and reception packages to consider. Many of the local hotels and resorts host weddings and receptions and while you might not be married directly on the beach, you can be married with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop.

Resorts are not your only option if you are considering all-inclusive Maui wedding and honeymoon packages. You can enjoy a ceremony and reception at the Maui Tropical Plantation or the Kula Botanical Garden. Several private estates, such as the Ka’anapali Coffee Farm, also are excellent options for a romantic wedding and reception. The Kapalua Cliff House is a fantastic spot for a wedding and reception. Here, couples can be married in an intimate beachfront ceremony and then enjoy a small reception at the Cliff House, which is located in a secluded little cove. This location can accommodate a party of 16 or smaller only, so it is ideally suitable for a small wedding.

Selecting the perfect Maui wedding and reception package is truly the most difficult of the decisions you will have to make when you book your wedding. After that, we will handle all of the details based upon your needs, budget and inclinations. This leaves you free to truly enjoy the special occasion and bypass all of the stress that usually accompanies wedding planning. After all, this is your special day and it should be filled with wonderful memories, and we can make it happen.