The Maui Destination Wedding: Packages, People & Presents

What could be more exciting than becoming engaged? Planning a Maui destination wedding, of course! At Love Maui Weddings, our team of wedding coordinators can make your wedding day dreams a reality whether you wish to be married right on the beach, at a historic chapel or on a bluff overlooking the ocean. When you begin planning for your big day, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

1) Maui Destination Wedding Packages Make Your Life Easier

Weddings seem to be all about the details. Hundreds of details, perhaps even thousands of details need to be handled. It’s enough to make a poor bride want to tear her hair out. We certainly don’t want you to stress out, which is why we offer a multitude of amazing Maui destination wedding packages. These include all the details, big and small, leaving you free to simply select a dress, buy your airplane tickets and head out to our beautiful, romantic island.

Our Maui destination wedding packages include options to suit just about any budget and any size of wedding. We have Maui destination wedding packages suitable for a romantic elopement or an intimate beach wedding or we can create a lavish, custom package for a huge wedding with all of the trimmings or somewhere in between. No matter which option you choose, our team will handle all of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the joy of the occasion.

2) Inviting People To Your Wedding

While selecting Maui destination wedding packages can be quite affordable for the marital couple, this isn’t quite true for your guests. Buying plane tickets to Hawaii and paying for accommodations can be costly for guests. This is typically why destination weddings tend to be small, but sometimes that is exactly what you want, to simply be surrounding by the people that truly mean the most in your life.

For those people you do invite, provide them with plenty of time to plan and save for the trip. If possible, pay for some of the meals and a special excursion for your guests or perhaps even offer to cover a portion of the plane fare or hotel costs. Of course, a Maui destination wedding is not just a wedding; it also can be a vacation for your guests, so they may be quite enthusiastic about the prospect despite the higher cost of attendance.

3) Presents or Presence: Which Gift Keeps On Giving?

For many couples, registering for gifts is all part of the fun of getting married. However, if you have opted to choose from one of our Maui destination wedding packages, you might want to rethink your desire for presents and allow the presence of your guests to serve as the main gift you receive. After all, not only will your guests be spending a great deal of money getting to the wedding, neither you nor they will want to lug around a crystal vase, set of bathroom towels or fondue pot on the journey.

Many of the couples that select Maui destination wedding packages not only ask their guests not to bring a gift, they provide a small welcome gift for their guests. This might include a beach bag filled with an itinerary, some snacks, water bottles and sunscreen. In addition, you could book tickets to a Luau, a cocktail and dinner cruise or some other amusement.

These are just a few helpful thoughts from the team here at Love Maui Weddings. If you are interested in taking a look at our Maui destination wedding packages, simply go to the top of our homepage and click on the Packages tab. We have many package options, but we are happy to add on special features to any package or create a completely custom wedding from scratch. Give us a list of what you want, and we can design the perfect Maui destination wedding.