Maui Wedding Packages & Planning

Too often it seems that planning a wedding isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but at Love Maui Weddings, we believe the process of tying the knot should be romantic and fun. Certainly, there are details to settle, but the overall experience should be positive and we provide our couples with many Maui wedding packages to make planning a snap.

We offer many Maui wedding packages, but before you select one, it is wise to think about a few of these details.

Your Budget:

Set a firm budget and be sure to include all of the details. In addition to our Maui wedding packages, you will need to pay for plane fare, accommodations and meals. You also will need to select wedding outfits for your big day. While the friends and family of the couple typically are expected to pay for their plane tickets and hotel accommodations, it’s nice to consider buying a few meals or paying for an excursion for your guests.

Generally, the guest list for a Maui destination wedding is small, and this really reduces your overall costs. Even with paying for the ceremony, a reception or dinner, plane tickets, hotel stays, meals and excursions, the total bill for a Maui wedding can end up being far less than a typical wedding you would plan near your home. Plus, your Maui wedding coordinator will handle most of the details, making it far easier for the bride and groom.

The Setting:

You also need to think about exactly where you wish to hold the ceremony. Our Maui wedding packages provide you with many options. You could opt for a sunset ceremony right on the beach or perhaps on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. Resorts, restaurants, historic chapels, plantations and a local botanical garden are just a few of the additional options to consider.

If you aren’t quite sure about the location, go to our home page and click on the tab marked, “Locations.” This will provide you with a few location options that our previous clients have enjoyed.

The Experience:

While selecting a Maui wedding package can make the process easier, it is important to note that you can use your Maui wedding package as a jumping off spot and add on many interesting features for a wedding that totally reflects your sentiments as a couple.

For instance, we can arrange to have traditional Hawaiian dancers and musicians present for your ceremony. Another option would be to have the bride arrive via an outrigger canoe. Still another option would be to have a private chef serve you dinner for two, right on the beach to celebrate your wedding night. These are just a few options that you can add on to your Maui wedding package.