Three Reasons To Consider Maui Beach Wedding Packages

After the question has been popped and it's time to start actually planning your big day, we certainly believe that your best first step is to consider one of our romantic Maui beach wedding packages. In fact, we can entice you further by providing you with a few great reasons why this is the best way to tie the knot.

Maui Beach Wedding Packages Make It Easy

No one really wants to spend months stressing over wedding details, but sadly many couples ending up doing exactly that. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. If you select one of our Maui beach wedding packages, you can eliminate most of the hassle that goes along with planning a wedding. Why stress over flower choices, seating charts, finding a minister, hiring a photographer and many more details, when you can simply let us handle the details?

We can secure a beach permit, find your officiant, help you obtain a marriage license, arrange for musicians, find a photographer and much more. Our Maui beach wedding packages allow you to spend your time enjoying the experience of getting married rather than getting bogged down by the details.

Maui Beach Wedding Packages Keep It Affordable

While the average American wedding costs more than $25,000, you might be very surprised (and pleased) to discover that our Maui beach wedding packages are far more affordable. Our packages range from less than $600 up to $10,000 and all include a variety of amenities. For all of your packages, we will hire an officiant, assist with the marriage license and present you with a copy of your vows and a keepsake wedding certificate.

One of our most popular options is the "So This Is Love" package. For this Maui beach wedding package, which runs $1,250, we will secure a beach site and hire the minister. In addition, this package includes professional photography, in-room hair and make-up services on your wedding day, a bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere and two fresh Hawaiian leis. We also provide an on-site wedding coordinator with this package.

For just a bit more, you can consider the "Love Is In The Air" package, which costs about $2,500 and offers some unique Hawaiian touches. This Maui beach wedding package includes photography and a professional DVD, fresh Hawaiian leis for the bride and groom, a torch bearing maiden, a conch shell sounding and a Hawaiian vocalist or guitarist. We also include two tickets to a luau or magic show, depending on your preference. These are just two of the packages we offer and, of course, you also have the option of adding onto a package or creating your own custom wedding.

Maui Beach Wedding Packages Are Romantic

Shouldn't your special day be as romantic as possible? We believe that every couple deserves a wonderful wedding and Maui is an ideal spot for your ceremony. The beaches are pristine and the views are divine. Imagine sharing your vows right on the beach as gentle trade winds ruffle palm trees and waves dance upon the shore.

It might seem like an impossible dream, but at Love Maui Weddings we make it happen for couples every day and can help you plan a memorable wedding too. Take a look at our romantic Maui beach wedding packages and give us a call to get the planning started.