Tie The Knot Hawaiian-Style: Maui Destination Wedding Packages

Take a look at our photo gallery and in an instant you will see why people choose Maui for their wedding. The scenery is breathtaking and getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life creates a truly memorable wedding experience. We offer many great Maui destination wedding packages, but we also give you the option of creating your own package.

Before you give us a call, take a look at our packages and gallery and ask yourself what you really want included in your Maui destination wedding package. Then write down a list that includes the following information.

Select A Location

Do you wish to be married on the beach or perhaps at a restaurant located on a bluff overlooking the ocean? Perhaps you would prefer a beautiful historic chapel or maybe a lush botanical garden. Maybe you long for a ceremony on a yacht with views of Maui as your backdrop. Posh local resorts and private plantations also make excellent spots for a wedding ceremony and you can even get married at the top of the Haleakala volcano. Our Maui destination wedding packages allow you to select from a huge variety of island locations.

Select A Time Of Day

Some people want a sunset ceremony and others prefer an afternoon event or even early morning. If you are planning a wedding at Haleakala, a sunrise ceremony might be an option to consider. At Love Maui Weddings, we can help you plan a wedding at just about any time of day. Some options, of course, will have certain restrictions regarding the time of day, but generally we can find something that works for you.

Receptions, Dinners, Cocktails

With Maui destination wedding packages, we typically find that the guest list is fairly small. For a group of 10 or fewer, you might consider booking a room or large table at a local restaurant for your after-wedding party. We can find a spot that provides excellent service, food and ambiance. Some of our couples come to Maui to elope and for these couples, we can arrange for a dinner for two prepared by a local chef. For larger parties, of course, we can design a reception with all the trimmings, including food, music and dancing. There are many venues on Maui that can accommodate larger wedding parties.

The Little Things

Well, perhaps they aren't little, but after you select your location and date, there are a few other considerations we need to discuss. This includes items such as photography, flowers and the officiant. Our photographers can capture the joy of your special day as well as the glory of Maui in every shot. As for the flowers, our Maui destination wedding packages often include items such as freshly made leis, bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. Of course for many weddings, we can decorate the chapel or ceremony location with flowers, as well. We also can find a local minister to lead your ceremony.

Special Extras

Each of our couples is unique, so we can customize any of our Maui destination wedding packages. Some couples choose to have the bride arrive at the ceremony aboard an outrigger canoe. Other couples wish to have traditional Hawaiian dancers or musicians perform at the wedding. Add all of these extras to your list and let us know what you truly desire. We will create a special Maui destination wedding package that fulfills all of your dreams.