Maui Weddings: Some Thoughts About Wedding Guests

While there are plenty of great reasons to consider tying the knot in Hawaii, a destination wedding does require a different sort of planning. We plan hundreds of Maui weddings each year, and have a few bits of advice for couples to consider regarding their guests.

Guests at Maui weddings typically pay their own airfare and accommodations. In addition, they must arrange for time off of work and perhaps childcare or pet care. All of this takes time and planning so it’s wise to provide friends and family with several months of advance notice so that they can make some plans.

After you decide that you would love a Maui wedding, sit down with your significant other and create a realistic guest list. Write down the names of people that you wish to attend the wedding and who realistically can afford to come and also will be able to reserve the time away from home. Once you have a list, consider emailing or calling up these special friends and family members and gauging their level of availability.

It also can be wise to take a look at the potential cost per person for Maui weddings. Take a look online to find the cost of airfare as well as several nights’ accommodations on Maui. Also consider that your guests will be paying for some of their meals and possibly taxis or a rental car in Maui.

On the plus side, with Maui weddings, the guest list usually is very small and it is possible that your wedding budget might allow you to pay for accommodations for some or all of your guests or perhaps several meals or the airline tickets. A typical American wedding can cost about $25,000 and generally this can include as many as 75 to 100 guests or more. Narrow down the list to one dozen guests or fewer and your costs are much lower.

While you might be worried about your guests’ reaction to the news that you are planning a Maui wedding, most of your guests probably will jump at the chance to attend. After all, Maui weddings are not just fun for the couple tying the knot; it’s a vacation for all of your guests, as well. Plus, by keeping your guest list small, you will be surrounded by people who are truly meaningful in your life and that will make the entire experience even more special.

Guests at a destination wedding often aren’t expected to present the marital couple with a wedding gift. After all, it costs a bit to attend Maui weddings and it’s not particularly easy to tote gifts across the ocean on an airplane. However, while you might not be receiving gifts from your guests, it is nice to provide them with a token of your appreciation for traveling to your nuptials.

We suggest provide each guest with a small goodie bag and having this placed in their hotel rooms. This bag can include thoughtful items such as sunscreen, lotion, water bottles and perhaps some light snacks. In addition, offer them a list with options for dining and activities and a detailed schedule of wedding events. You also might consider planning a special excursion for your guests, such as attending a luau or a whale watching trip as well as a special dinner, a breakfast and maybe a cocktail hour.

At Love Maui Weddings, not only can we help you plan the wedding of your dreams, we also can help you with some of the guest arrangements. We can provide valuable information about travel and lodging, as well as offering recommendations for restaurants, fantastic beach locations and fun excursions. Our team of Maui experts is prepared to do all they can to make your Maui destination wedding a perfect experience.