Maui Beach Wedding Packages: The Perfect Romantic Experience

There are so many reasons to consider a destination wedding in general, but a wedding in Maui is particularly idyllic. As you browse through our exclusive collection of Maui beach wedding packages, consider the following reasons why we believe that you should select Maui as your wedding destination.

The Enticing Weather Of The Pacific Isles

In general, the weather of Maui is warm and welcoming with blissful trade winds. Rain is not uncommon, but typically showers are brief. You might actually be surprised to learn that Maui actually has several different sub-climates. Keep this in mind as you look at Maui wedding packages. Beach conditions vary based on location on the island. For instance, some areas of Maui are drier and sunnier, while others experience more rainfall. Generally speaking, the most popular tourist areas of the island also are the sections with the sunniest weather, such as Lahaina.

We can help you select a Maui beach wedding package and a Maui beach location or another location where the weather is likely to be ideal for your wedding day. However, even if there is a short shower on your wedding day, imagine how spectacular a rainbow will look in your wedding photographs.

Spectacular Wedding Locations Abound

As you think about your Maui wedding packages, beach locations are just one of the many options to consider. In addition to Maui beach wedding packages, you also can tailor a package to include a setting such as a beautiful botanical garden, a stunning plantation or perhaps a bluff overlooking the sea. You can marry in a charming historic chapel or on the grounds of a lavish resort or even at the top of Haleakala. Few places on earth provide so many exciting ceremony options, and we can help you select the location of your dreams.

Domestic Destination Weddings Are Simple

While sharing your vows in Paris or perhaps on the sunny coasts of Capri certainly are romantic options, choosing to marry in a foreign country has its own set of obstacles. In addition, you and your guests must secure passports in order to enter a foreign county. With Maui beach wedding packages, you can enjoy all the fun of an exotic location without actually leaving the United States. In addition, we will hire the services of an officiate and help you with the marriage license process. It’s easier to marry in Hawaii than in many other states and certainly far easier than marrying in another country.

A Honeymoon Full Of Bliss

After you have selected one of our Maui beach wedding packages and the sun has set on your wedding night, you still have many honeymoon days to enjoy. Maui offers honeymooners a huge variety of exciting attractions to enjoy or the possibility of simply relaxing on one of our spectacular beaches.

If you have a few specific excursions in mind, consider adding them to one of our Maui wedding packages. Beach excursions might include surfing lessons or perhaps windsailing. You might add on an ocean dinner or cocktail cruise. You might also consider arranging a fun evening luau for you and your guests. Helicopter tours, guided tours down the road to Hana, scuba diving excursions and snorkeling trips are a few other options to consider. In addition, there are dozens of excellent restaurants where you can enjoy romantic dinners for two or have us arrange a private dinner for two prepared by a personal chef.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe that Maui is the best possible location for a romantic destination wedding. If you are considering a Maui destination wedding, take a look about our Maui beach wedding packages to see if one might suit your needs. In addition to these packages, we can create a custom package just for you.