Lahaina Weddings: A Romantic Adventure

Did you know that Lahaina actually was the capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii prior to Honolulu? The name Lahaina translates to "cruel sun," in Hawaiian and was so named because there is so little rainfall in Lahaina in contrast with many other areas of Hawaii. Of course, this abundant sunshine is good news for couples planning Lahaina weddings.

Lahaina is a picture-perfect town filled with historic charm, and an ideal place for your nuptials. At Love Maui Weddings, we can plan any type of Lahaina wedding that you want. Your Lahaina wedding options include enjoying your nuptials right on the beach or perhaps you would prefer a ceremony is a historic chapel. There are also several resorts to consider for a larger, more lavish affair.

If you prefer the idea of enjoying a Lahaina wedding right on the beach, a few options to consider include Baby Beach and Ka'anapali Beach. Napili Beach and Kapalua are two other possibilities and both are north of the town of Lahaina.

You will need a permit to be married on the beach, and we can help secure this permit for you. Also, you aren't allowed to set up chairs directly on the beach and your guest list must be limited to no more than 20 people, and this includes not just the couple and friends and family, but also the minister and any other professionals at your ceremony. Still, Maui destination weddings tend to be small so this usually is not a problem.

If you do have a larger wedding party, it might be a good idea to marry on a bluff overlooking the ocean. There are resorts and restaurants that offer stunning views and can accommodate many guests for your Lahaina wedding. You also will be able to set up chairs, a canopy, music equipment and other gear, which might be prohibited at the beach. There are also beach parks that offer you more flexibility for your ceremony, but you are still just steps away from the beach where you can take plenty of wedding pictures.

We help couples plan Lahaina weddings as well as weddings throughout Maui. There are many fantastic wedding venues to consider. Whether you crave a ceremony right on the beach, you wish to marry in a quaint chapel or you wish to share your vows on a bluff with endless ocean views, we can make it happen for you.

Simply In Love: Affordable Maui Wedding Packages

One huge misconception about destination weddings is that they are simply not affordable. However, if the average American wedding costs more than $20,000, our Maui wedding packages are far more affordable.

Destination weddings tend to limit the guest lists to very close friends and immediate family. Typically, the reception costs are what drive up the price of a wedding. With a much smaller guest list, your costs will be substantially less than a wedding at home. While you do have to purchase plane tickets and book a hotel room, you probably would do that for you honeymoon anyway, so you can marry and honeymoon in one convenient (and amazing) location.

Our Simply In Love Maui wedding package is the ideal option for a couple on a budget. This package comes with a price tag of just $575 and includes a wedding right on the beach! With this Maui wedding package, we will secure a beach permit for up to 10 people, hire the minister and assist you with acquiring your marriage license.

Maui wedding packages also should include some romantic extras, and our Simply In Love package also includes two freshly made Hawaiian leis for your ceremony. We also present your with a keepsake wedding certificate and a beautifully printed copy of your special vows.

The So This Is Love package is another one of our most affordable Maui wedding packages and this includes the same amenities as the Simply In Love package, but also includes a bridal bouquet, groom boutonniere, hair and make-up service, sparkling cider, an on-site wedding coordinator and up to 30 4x6 photographs taken by a professional wedding photographer. At just $1,250 for the entire package, this is a huge bargain. If you've shopped around your area for wedding photography quotes, you probably have seen that it can cost more than $1,250 just for photography alone.

In addition to selecting one of our Maui wedding packages, another way to trim down the costs of the trip is schedule your wedding for a more off-season time. While travelers flock to the Hawaiian islands throughout the year, generally you will get a better deal on airfare and hotel stays from around mid-April to mid-June and then again from September to early December.

Of course, we have many more Maui wedding packages and we are always available to help you create a completely custom wedding from scratch. But we believe that every couple deserves a stunning Maui wedding. If you are on a tight budget, these two wedding packages can be great options that won't break the bank. Plus, your Maui wedding coordinators will handle all the details, leaving you free to enjoy a stress-free, romantic wedding and honeymoon.

Going To The Chapel? Some Options From Your Maui Wedding Coordinators

For many brides, it is their dream to have a church wedding. Of course, you also might be intrigued by the idea of having a Maui destination wedding, as well. As Maui wedding coordinators, we easily can make both of these dreams come true.

Maui has no shortages of lovely churches and chapels to consider. In fact, several of the local churches are more than 100 years old, so you will enjoy some historic ambiance as well as the beauty of Maui and a church wedding all rolled into one.

Maui wedding coordinators can help you book a ceremony at a number of local churches. The key is to book in advance, so if you do want a Maui church wedding, as soon as you set the date, give us a call and we can make sure that a local church is available for that particular date and time.

Our Maui wedding coordinators have booked many ceremonies at Maria Lanakila Catholic Church. Located in Lahaina, this church was established in 1846 and officially dedicated in 1858. The current structure was completed in 1873, and is part of the Lahaina Historic District.

Another option to consider is Lahuiokalani Hawaiian Church, which is a small but picturesque chapel located across the street from Honokowai Beach Park. This church also is historic and although the building itself dates back only to 1929, the church was established in 1850. Because the congregation is quite small, you will need to hire your own minister for the ceremony. Of course, as Maui wedding coordinators, this is a service we handle for you.

Holy Innocents is yet another historic church that our Maui wedding coordinators often book for weddings. This is an Anglican Church that held its first services in 1862. The current church was built in 1872. Couples have the option of being married inside the church or perhaps on the oceanfront lawn. This church is unique in that it is open-sided, so even if you opt for an indoor wedding, you will enjoy island breezes and lovely island views during the ceremony.

These are just a few of the options to consider for a Maui church wedding. Give us a call today and we can help you begin planning your Maui destination wedding. Be sure to also take a look at the many wedding packages available as these make planning your destination wedding as simple as possible.

Maui Wedding Packages & Planning

Too often it seems that planning a wedding isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but at Love Maui Weddings, we believe the process of tying the knot should be romantic and fun. Certainly, there are details to settle, but the overall experience should be positive and we provide our couples with many Maui wedding packages to make planning a snap.

We offer many Maui wedding packages, but before you select one, it is wise to think about a few of these details.

Your Budget:

Set a firm budget and be sure to include all of the details. In addition to our Maui wedding packages, you will need to pay for plane fare, accommodations and meals. You also will need to select wedding outfits for your big day. While the friends and family of the couple typically are expected to pay for their plane tickets and hotel accommodations, it’s nice to consider buying a few meals or paying for an excursion for your guests.

Generally, the guest list for a Maui destination wedding is small, and this really reduces your overall costs. Even with paying for the ceremony, a reception or dinner, plane tickets, hotel stays, meals and excursions, the total bill for a Maui wedding can end up being far less than a typical wedding you would plan near your home. Plus, your Maui wedding coordinator will handle most of the details, making it far easier for the bride and groom.

The Setting:

You also need to think about exactly where you wish to hold the ceremony. Our Maui wedding packages provide you with many options. You could opt for a sunset ceremony right on the beach or perhaps on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. Resorts, restaurants, historic chapels, plantations and a local botanical garden are just a few of the additional options to consider.

If you aren’t quite sure about the location, go to our home page and click on the tab marked, “Locations.” This will provide you with a few location options that our previous clients have enjoyed.

The Experience:

While selecting a Maui wedding package can make the process easier, it is important to note that you can use your Maui wedding package as a jumping off spot and add on many interesting features for a wedding that totally reflects your sentiments as a couple.

For instance, we can arrange to have traditional Hawaiian dancers and musicians present for your ceremony. Another option would be to have the bride arrive via an outrigger canoe. Still another option would be to have a private chef serve you dinner for two, right on the beach to celebrate your wedding night. These are just a few options that you can add on to your Maui wedding package.

Tips From Your Friendly Maui Wedding Coordinators

At Love Maui Weddings, we’ve obviously planned thousands of weddings, ranging widely in size, budget and specifications. Over the years, we discovered a few helpful tips that can lessen the wedding planning mania and create a truly enjoyable experience. Here are a just a few of our helpful suggestions.

Start Planning Early:

Perhaps you can wait more than 24 hours after the proposal, but the sooner you start to think about the big event, the better. You don’t have to hammer out all the details right away, just discuss what you want. Also, be sure to have this conversation alone. While family and friends are certainly going to chime in with suggestions and advice, it’s best for the two of you to discuss your wishes first.

As Maui wedding coordinators, we know that the process moves much more smoothly when couples have a pretty good idea of what they want and when both are on the same page. If you aren’t really sure what Maui destination weddings are all about, take a look around our website and you will get some ideas about your location options, flowers, wedding packages and much more.

Make A List:

Obviously, as Maui wedding coordinators, we are going to handle most of the heavy lifting, but it pays to know what needs to be accomplished and by what date. Sometimes, just having it all organized and written down brings great peace of mind. The best part about a Maui destination wedding is that you won’t have to handle many of the tasks on the list yourself, lightening up your load significantly.

Your list should include tasks such as when to send out invitations, when to buy plane tickets, booking accommodations and planning out any excursions or special meals during your stay. We can offer some helpful suggestions when it comes to making travel plans and finding interesting activities.

Keep Your Sense Of Humor:

Everyone has a dream of their “perfect” wedding day, but the journey to that day and even the day itself can include a few bumps along the road. Often, the difficulties you face make for fantastic wedding stories in the years to come, so just keep it all in perspective. The most important part of the whole experience is the joining of two people in matrimony.

This can be another advantage of a Maui destination wedding. After all, destination weddings typically have fewer guests which usually means you end up with fewer problems and are surrounded by the most important people in your life. Plus, who could be unhappy in Maui? The whole experience will be like a vacation for your and your guests.

Live In The Moment:

Aside from having children, getting married is about the most significant moment of our lives. Don’t forget to take a deep breath and really look around and take in the scene. Smile at your friends and family, listen to the waves crashing on the shore, and take a moment to really listen as you are being serenaded by a traditional Hawaiian musician. These are the memories that matter, so take them all in.

If a Maui destination wedding sounds too good to be true, we can assure that this is an attainable dream. As expert Maui wedding coordinators, we can help you with all of the details, no matter what size budget or wedding party you have. Give us a call today or email and get started planning the wedding of your dreams.

Say Yes To A Maui Wedding & Maui Beach Wedding Packages

Mark Twain once said, “I went to Maui to stay a week and remained five. I have not once thought of business, or care or human toil or trouble or sorrow or weariness.” This sums up many travelers’ impressions of Maui, as well.

We believe this is actually one of the reasons why a Maui wedding is the perfect option for many couples. Traveling away from home allows you to truly bask in the moment. The bride, groom and guests all are removed from the day-to-day grind back home and everyone can truly relax and enjoy the experience.

At Love Maui Weddings, we also firmly believe that it is simply easier to plan a Maui wedding than a wedding at home. Your Maui wedding planner will handle just about all the details, reducing your stress level immensely. A wedding is meant to be a happy, romantic occasion and it is our goal that each of our wedding couples has a fantastic, memorable experience. Our Maui wedding planners can help you create a custom wedding or you can choose one of our Maui beach wedding packages.

All of our Maui beach wedding packages include basic services such as acquiring the services of a minister, assistance with your marriage license and obtaining a beach permit for the ceremony. We also tuck in a few romantic extras such as a keepsake wedding certificate and a beautifully printed copy of your vows.

These are just a few items included in our Maui beach wedding packages. Depending on which package you select, there is a myriad of romantic options. For instance, one of our Maui beach wedding packages includes not just the makings of a spectacular Maui wedding but also a sunset dinner cruise, Molokini snorkel adventure and a Haleakala zipline tour.

Yet another Maui beach wedding package includes a Hawaiian guitarist and vocalist as well as a conch shell sounding, a drummer or Hula dancer and even a torch bearing maiden for a ceremony that is truly Hawaiian. Still another Maui wedding package includes a helicopter tour prior to your ceremony, a Lanai beach ceremony and a speedboat ride back to Maui.

Of course, you can certainly have us create a special custom Maui wedding that fulfills all of your dreams. Whether you long for a Maui beach wedding or a romantic wedding at a historic Lahaina chapel or perhaps a ceremony at a luxurious Maui estate, we can make your dreams come true.

Great Gifts For Your Wedding Party

There are many details to handle when you plan a Maui destination wedding, While the staff at Love Maui Weddings can help you with the majority of the details, there is one area that you should handle personally - providing gifts for your attendants.

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen typically are expected to help you with a few wedding tasks and must also purchase or rent clothing for the occasion. Providing a gift is a great way to say thank you, especially if you are planning a Maui destination wedding. After all, your attendants also have the added expense of plane tickets and accommodations.

First of all, it is a great idea to have a bag of goodies awaiting them in their hotel rooms. Fill a small beach tote with sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, some information about local attractions and transportation and an itinerary listing all wedding-related events. This information will help keep people on schedule but also give them ideas for spending their free time when the wedding couple is busy with other tasks.

In addition to goodie bags, each person should receive a special gift. However, it isn't very easy to transport gifts when you are traveling by plane so it's best to keep it small and simple. For bridesmaids, a piece of jewelry can be easy to transport and also very personal and thoughtful. A pretty set of earrings featuring your wedding colors or perhaps a special necklace might be a perfect gift. Your bridesmaids also might enjoy a day of pampering at a local spa or perhaps at the spa at your resort.

For the guys, consider handy items such as personalized money clips or an engraved flask. You can transport the latter without alcohol and fill it up after your arrival in Maui. Leather toiletry bags are another option to consider. For the best man, a nice watch can be a great gift to consider.

However, your gift also could be the gift of an excursion or experience. This might include treating the whole wedding party to a traditional luau or perhaps taking them on a whale watching trip. You could also go snorkeling or even plan a hike with the wedding party, such as catching the sunrise at the top of Haleakala.

For a simple treat, you might just present your attendants with gift cards that they can use at your hotel. They can purchase food or drinks or whatever else they need and this lessens their expenses for the trip. Of course, don't feel too guilty about planning a Maui destination wedding. While it can be a pricey proposition for your guests, they are sure to enjoy this adventure and a destination wedding feels a lot more like a vacation than a stressful wedding event.

Facts About The Hawaii Marriage License

Thousands of couples plan and enjoy a Maui destination wedding every year, and if you wish to be among those couples, one of your tasks will be to obtain a Hawaii marriage license. Fortunately, the steps are pretty easy and straightforward and at Love Maui Weddings, we can assist you with this process.

Hawaii requires no waiting period and you don’t have to be a resident of the state (or even the United States) to be married legally in Maui. Blood tests also are not required in order to obtain a license.

However, you do have to find an officiate/minister prior to applying for your marriage license. At Love Maui Weddings, we can handle this task for you. The information must be written on your application form. The application form can be downloaded from Hawaii’s Department of Health marriage website. The cost of a wedding license in Hawaii is $60.

After filling out your application, which you can do prior to arriving in Hawaii, you will need to present the completed application and your $60 in person. In Maui, this means you will need to book an appointment with the local License Officiate. We can help you with this process, as well. If you are 19 or older, all you will need to bring with you are two valid forms of identification, such as a passport or a driver’s license or a military identification. For those aged 18, you will need to bring a certified copy of your birth certificate. This process takes just a few minutes, and before you know it, you will be ready for your wedding ceremony.

In addition to helping you with the wedding license process, we can help you with all of the other details pertaining to your wedding. We offer many interesting Maui wedding packages or you can create your own special event from scratch. Give us a call and begin planning your romantic Maui wedding today.

Tips For Those Heading To Hana

At Love Maui Weddings, we help hundreds of couples plan their Maui weddings each year. Most of our couples also spend their honeymoon in Maui and often ask our staff for recommendations for excursions. The Road to Hana is a fantastic adventure and a great way for a newly married couple to spend the day while in Maui.

The Road to Hana, in the grand scheme of things, is not very long, but it’s windy and full of one-lane bridges, so you will be driving slowly. In addition, there are so many places to stop and enjoy along the way that this journey easily can take up to ten hours. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of the drive to Hana.

Be prepared to start your day early. It takes time to drive from your hotel or resort to Paia, which is the starting point of the drive to Hana. Once you reach Paia, it is a good idea to fill up on gas, as this will be the last place to do so until you reach the town of Hana.

You will need to pack for the trip. Bring along some towels and a bathing suit, as there are waterfalls and a few beaches where you can enjoy the water. Even if you don’t plan on swimming, it is wise to bring towels and dress casually. It usually rains off and on during the day, so a poncho or umbrella would be wise additions. Ziploc bags can be used to keep phones, cameras and wallets dry.

Bring bottled water, as there probably won’t be any available from Paia to Hana. You also need to bring along food as there are very few food options along the way. There might be a fruit stand or two along the way, where you might pick up a smoothie or delicious homemade banana bread, but it is wise to bring a good lunch along.

You can drive yourself or take a tour bus, but if you do drive, it is a good idea to pick up a CD tour of the trip. This will help you find the best stops along the way as well as providing you with some interesting history and information about the area.

If you are planning on enjoying a wedding and honeymoon on Maui, consider contacting our staff of expert Maui wedding planners. We have been helping couples plan Maui destination weddings and Lahaina weddings for more than 20 years, and can help you with all the details. We offer a variety of unique Maui wedding packages or we can help you plan a custom Maui resort wedding package, Maui hotel wedding package, a Maui beach wedding or any other type of wedding you desire.

Maui Wedding Planner Services

A wedding is meant to be a time of romance and excitement, but for many couples this ends up being a difficult and stressful process. Instead of planning a typical at-home wedding, opt for something a bit more exciting and easier – a destination wedding in Maui. Your Maui wedding coordinator can handle most of the details, leaving you free to enjoy this special life-changing experience.

For more than 20 years, the staff at Love Maui Weddings has created dream Maui weddings for their clients. We offer a personal touch for our couples, whether they want only a simple elopement ceremony on a sun-kissed beach or they wish to have friends and family for a wedding and reception.

First, we will discuss your needs, your wedding date and your budget and then we will get to work planning your special day. One of the first items on our to-do list is to book the ceremony location, schedule the minister and, if you wish to be married on the beach, apply for a beach permit. We can offer many excellent suggestions for ceremony locations, as well as great locations for a wedding reception. The reception can be a lavish catered affair or a simple but sumptuous dinner for you and a few friends and family members.

Your wedding planners also can hire a photographer for your ceremony and reception, as well as planning out your flower options from bouquets to boutonnieres and all the floral decorations. Of course, this is a Hawaiian wedding after all, so you might wish to have fresh Hawaiian leis as well.

Music and dance are a big part of Hawaiian culture, and no wedding would be complete without one or the other or both. We can arrange for a variety of musical options, as well as traditional Hawaiian dancers or vocalists for your ceremony.

There are plenty of extras that you also might want to consider, and we can arrange for just about anything in your dreams. For instance, some of our brides arrive to their beach ceremony aboard an escorted outrigger canoe. We can help you plan activities for you and your guests, such as attending a traditional luau or taking a tour of the island by helicopter. We also can provide advice about travel and lodging arrangements as well as the best places to go on the island.

At Love Maui Weddings, we also offer some of the best Maui wedding packages. Our Maui destination wedding packages include simple vow renewal and elopement ceremonies right on the beach as well as large, formal weddings at historic plantations, luxurious resorts, a lush botanical garden or a renowned seaside restaurant.

Fun Maui Annual Events

If a Maui destination wedding sounds like a dream come true for you and your intended, you might be thinking about setting a date and working on your wedding plans. If you also intend to enjoy your honeymoon in Maui, you might want to plan the event during one the following island festivals or events.

Music lovers will enjoy annual events such as the Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival, which occurs each year near the end of June. The MayJah RayJah Music Festival is an ideal option for anyone who loves reggae music, and this event occurs each year around the end of July. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation also hosts a free concert each month at the Baldwin Home Museum featuring Hawaiian musicians.

If you and your beloved are foodies, there are some interesting choices to consider. The Kapalua Wine and Food Festival is an annual event that takes place in June and includes plenty of wine tastings, and a variety of local restaurants also provide samples of their cuisine. It might not seem overly romantic, but the Maui Onion Festival, which happens in May, offers all sorts of activities and has been a popular yearly event since 1990.

Lahaina Plantation Days is an annual two-day festival that celebrates the island's history of sugar and pineapple growing. The event, which takes place in mid-October, includes food booths, historical exhibits, a farmers market, coffee sampling and a beer and wine garden, as well as live music from local musicians.

The Maui Film Festival occurs every year in early June, and while it might not rival Cannes or Sundance, it's still a lot of fun for film buffs. A variety of independent films and documentaries are screened, there are panels that you can attend, and the five-day event also includes live music events and plenty of great local food is available. Some of the movies are even shown on huge screens right on the beach.

When it comes to planning a wedding far away from home, the services of a Maui wedding planner are essential. At Love Maui Weddings, we can handle just about every detail, small and large. From finding a stunning beach for the ceremony to planning a beautiful reception, we can make wedding planning easy and fun. We offer an assortment of Maui wedding packages, an elopement package, a vow renewal package or we can help you plan your custom dream wedding.

Tips For Destination Wedding Guests

When it comes to Maui destination wedding articles, the focus typically is on the couple tying the knot. However, if you are to be a guest at a destination wedding, you might have a few questions and concerns about this big event. Here are some tips just for the guests that might prove helpful.

Hopefully, the wedding couple will provide you with plenty of advanced notice regarding the date of their wedding. In general, the couple should be planning this even a good six to nine months in advance, and once you know the date, start hunting around for airfare and hotel accommodations. Sometimes, the wedding couple will have secured a block of rooms at a hotel or resort with a special rate, and this might be a good option.

Before you book the hotel room or set up a flight to Maui, ask the couple about the events surrounding the wedding. Sometimes there is a special rehearsal dinner or an after-wedding brunch. Sometimes the couple is treating their guests to some interesting excursions, and you don't want to miss the fun. You need to know the date of the actual wedding as well as the dates of other important events.

If you have kids, it is also important that you ask about taking your children to the wedding. Many couples prefer a child-free ceremony and reception, so if you do not have someone to watch your children during the trip, this can be tricky. However, many resorts and large hotels in Maui have excellent children's programs that will keep your kids busy, happy and safe while you enjoy the wedding.

What to wear is always an important question, so be sure to ask about attire. Often at a Maui wedding, the attire will be upscale island casual, which translates to Hawaiian-style shirts for the men and pretty sundresses for the ladies. Sometimes the wedding invitation will address this issue, but if it doesn't, simply ask the bride or groom for advice.

When it comes to gifts, the couple might ask that no gifts be given since there is a large expense already associated with the cost of flying out to Maui and booking a hotel room. Still if you do wish to get a gift, consider looking at their gift registry and having the gift sent directly to the couple's home as you probably don't want to haul a crystal clock or a china place setting all the way to Maui.

If you are planning a Maui destination wedding, the staff at Love Maui Weddings is happy to answer any questions you might have about travel and accommodations for you and your guests. Our Maui wedding planners also are a great source of knowledge about the best places to enjoy a sumptuous meal, sip a cocktail at sunset or perhaps sunbathe at a local beach.

The Many Romantic Accommodations On Maui

Maui is one of the best places on earth for a wedding, honeymoon or anniversary celebration. Just imagine the romantic walks along the beach and the cocktails at sunset and the days spent lazily poolside or soaking up the rays along the shore. It's the perfect spot for a romantic adventure, and there are accommodations aplenty with a little something for everyone and every budget.

You can opt for a full-service luxury resort with all the trimmings or perhaps something more rustic. Maui has a variety of offerings, and you just need to decide what you want and can afford.

There are actually quite a few resorts in Maui, and several have private beaches while others offer free shuttle service to private beaches or public beaches. All of them have swimming pools, and a few have adults-only swimming pools with swim-up bars. Golf courses and tennis courts are other amenities you might find at these resorts.

For unrepentant luxury, the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea is perhaps the most posh option, but there are certainly other excellent high-end luxury hotels and resorts to consider. The Honua Kai Resort and Spa, the Sheraton Maui and the Hyatt Resort and Spa are more affordable, while still providing many amenities and services. There are also smaller hotels that still offer amenities such as swimming pools and beach access, as well as cozy bed & breakfasts.

If you prefer a more rustic, natural setting, Maui also offers several interesting options. Within Haleakala National Park, visitors can camp or book one of three wilderness cabins. Each of the cabins is located in a different spot in the park, and you must hike to reach them. They do not have plumbing or electricity and the accommodations are quite rustic, but if you love hiking and camping, this can be an amazing experience for your honeymoon.

Another unique option would be to rent a cottage in or near Hana. This is an excellent idea for couples that would truly like to spend more than one day exploring the amazing road that leads to this sleepy beach town. Several private cottages are available for rent, and this can be a fun way to spend a night or two of your honeymoon trip.

When you begin planning your wedding or elopement with the staff at Love Maui Weddings, be sure to ask about honeymoon accommodations. We are happy to make suggestions about local lodging, as well as restaurant and activity suggestions. Our goal is to make your wedding and your stay in Maui as perfect and romantic as possible.

Helpful Information About Maui Weddings

About 7,000 couples tie the knot in Maui every year, making it one of the hottest destination wedding spots on earth. It’s not surprising that the most popular spot for a Maui destination wedding is right on the beach. If you are thinking about choosing Maui for your wedding, the following information might be helpful.

Obtaining a marriage license in Hawaii is quite easy, and our Maui wedding planners can assist you with this process. The legal age to marry in Hawaii is 18 and no blood test is required, nor is there a waiting period. If you are 19 or older, your driver’s license will suffice as proof of age. The marriage license fee is $65 and you can pay this online or in person. While you can take care of a lot of the paperwork ahead of time, you will need to appear before a marriage license agent once you get to Maui.

If you wish to be married on the beach, a beach permit is required, but the staff at Love Maui Weddings will handle this task for you. We simply will need to discuss on which beach you wish to hold the ceremony and at what time of day. There are many beautiful options, such as Kapalua Bay, Napili Bay, Keawakapu Beach or perhaps the secluded Makena Cove.

Chairs, arches, chuppahs and other decorative features are not allowed on the beach, so if you do wish to have these adornments and still enjoy an ocean view, there are many wonderful bluff-top locations to consider. Many private estates also are available for wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as several idyllic restaurants. Most of the island’s luxury resorts have locations for weddings and also can accommodate your reception. This can be a great option, because you and your guests can also stay at the resort and enjoy use of their private beaches, swimming pools and spa services.

There are also a few hidden gems to consider for your Maui Wedding. For instance, the Kula Botanical Garden is a lovely spot for a wedding. You can marry in a garden gazebo, on a lanai adjacent to a koi pond or perhaps on the lush green lawn surrounded by all the amazing flora of Maui. The Maui Tropical Plantation is another unique option to consider, and couples can marry in a gazebo overlooking a sparkling lagoon. There are also spots for indoor and outdoor receptions at this plantation.

These are just a few of the options to consider, and it all depends on what you want. The staff at Love Maui Weddings can make your wedding dreams come true. We offer an assortment of packages and also can create a custom wedding exactly the way you’ve always dreamed it would be.

5 Reasons Why Maui Is A Perfect Wedding Spot

With lush beaches and tranquil sea breezes, it’s no wonder why travelers flock to Maui each year. It’s also one of the most popular spots on the planet for wedding ceremonies and vow renewals. It’s an ideal spot for your upcoming nuptials, and here are a few reasons why.

Maui offers a wide variety of venues for your wedding ceremony and as well as for the reception. There are dozens of beach locations to consider, as well as historic chapels, a botanical garden and large plantations or estates. World-class resorts and restaurants with spectacular views also offer wedding services so you can easily find a venue that suits your needs, tastes and budget.

One big advantage that Maui has over destinations such as Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean is that we are a domestic location so our laws and regulations regarding obtaining a marriage license are probably quite similar to those in your home state. Did you know, for example, that if you wish to be legally married in Paris, you have to live in the city for at least 40 days? In Mexico, a blood test is required to obtain a marriage license and you still have to legalize your marriage back in the United States. In Maui, you don’t even need a passport, no blood tests are required and there is no waiting period.

This island is fantastic spot for tourists, so not only will your guests enjoy your wedding day, a Maui destination wedding is like a vacation for you and all of your guests. There are plenty of interesting activities for guests to consider or they can simply enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

Too often we are caught up in the details of planning a wedding and we don’t really get to enjoy our wedding day. With a destination wedding, a Maui wedding planner is essential, and the best part about a wedding planner is that they handle all of the details. This allows you the freedom to truly enjoy this momentous occasion. You can relax and enjoy time with your spouse-to-be or spend time with friends and family. A destination wedding is relaxed and enjoyable, a truly special occasion that everyone will cherish.

At Love Maui Weddings, we can help you with all of the wedding details. We can help assist you with the marriage license, procure the services of a minister or officiant, secure beach permits for your ceremony and find flowers, photographers and musicians. We offer a wide variety of Maui wedding packages and plenty of amazing add-ons to personalize your special day.

The Advantages of Planning a Wedding in Maui

The idea of a destination wedding might seem unattainable, but the reality is that these types of weddings actually have many advantages over planning a wedding near your home. There are many reasons why planning a Maui destination wedding can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most significant days in your life, so you want it be as memorable as possible. What could be more memorable than exchanging your vows at sunset as the music of waves crashing on the shore serenade you and your partner? These will be memories that you truly will cherish forever.

There are few places on earth more beautiful than Maui, and with picture perfect beaches, spectacular resorts and lush private estates and plantations, your most difficult decision probably will be deciding on a location for your ceremony. Will you choose Kapalua Bay at sunset or the hidden lagoon of Makena Cove? Perhaps you would prefer the tranquil, tropical setting at the Kula Botanical Garden or the sweeping mountain views at the Maui Tropical Plantation. There are even many restaurants and resorts where you can hold both the ceremony and the reception that follows.

You might be worried about the cost, but a destination wedding can cost less than a typical at-home wedding simply because you tend to have fewer guests. The cost of the average American wedding is about $25,000 and many weddings are even more expensive. Much of this expense includes paying for the reception. Your Maui wedding probably will include only very close friends and immediate family, which makes it surprisingly affordable.

At Love Maui Weddings, we can take care of all of the details for you so that you can spend your time enjoying your special time with your partner as well as your wedding party. This is another big advantage of the destination wedding. You will need to hire a Maui wedding planner simply because we are the local experts and can secure the beach permit, contact the minister, arrange flower delivery and all the other details. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.

This is another reason why a destination is so wonderful. For a typical wedding, we are running around, attending to last minute details and it’s all a bit stressful and we spend little quality time with our wedding party. A Maui wedding is more like a vacation for you and your family and friends, and you can enjoy both your wedding and your honeymoon in the same idyllic location.

The Plantation House

The Plantation House has become our little Sunday afternoon secret (well, I guess not now). It’s nestled at the top of the Kapalua Resort and is where the PGA holds the Hyundai tournament of Champions. Before you start thinking it’s only a place for golfers, though, think again. This restaurant has some of my favorite sweeping 180 degree views on the west side of Maui, not to mention an excellent menu. Just like most dining on Maui, it’s frequented by celebrities, but the food is actually reasonably priced. My favorite is the Crab Cake Benedict, with potatoes substituted for the rice. You can thank me later.

A Kind Letter From Friends

Dear Vickie, 

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making my dream wedding a reality. My bouquet was so beautiful, that I did not want to leave it behind.  Each of the venders, from Kay our travel agent was wonderful, she took great care of us.  Cassandra did a wonderful job with my hair and make-up.  The wedding photos were so beautiful, we received so many compliments.  Elly's Bridal Boutique did a great job on my gown and the tux was perfect for him.  The wedding video was beautiful and perfect.. everyone loved it.

Joanne and Bill Foley